Bike Bag Rental

We offer Bike Bag Rental at €5 per day and have 5 units available to rent, we also offer a service , pack and service option for €60 plus the rental fee. We service the bike and pack it for you and when you return from your trip we build and service the bike again for you . Please call for Availability , rental must be booked in advanced.

We require a booking deposit of €20. This deposit is refundable for a cancellation with in 28 days of the start of the agreed rental date.

Bike Bag Rental Ireland, Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 280L 2016

Bike Bag Rental Ireland,Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 280L 2016

Bike Bag Rental Ireland,Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 280L 2016

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 280L

Now lighter, sturdier and more comfortable, Evoc’s award winning Bike Travel Bag Pro protects your pride and joy from damage when travelling by car, train or plane. Packing is easy – all you need to do is remove the handlebars, pedals and wheels. Smooth, silent wheels make transportation easy.

The more vulnerable areas of the bag are protected by plastic reinforcing elements. Wheel compartments are towards the rear of the bag, which focuses the centre of gravity on the wide, stable running gear. This makes pulling the bag easy. Numerous, cleverly positioned handles make loading and unloading very simple, no matter where you are.

The measurements of the Bike Travel Bag are such that virtually any bike, from road to downhill, with wheels up to 29 inches can be packed and transported easily.

For convenience, the bag can be folded for storage when not in use.


  • Allows virtually any bike to be transported easily and safely
  • Wheel compartment accepts wheels up to 29 inches
  • Wheel protection disc prevents damage to wheels
  • Wide and stable undercarriage
  • Skate wheels operate smoothly and silently
  • Zips can be locked for additional security
  • Separate necessity pocket for easy access to essentials
  • Includes address card compartment