AKSIUM SET €185 (Rear €102 Front €83)    AKSIUM

High quality cartridge bearings: QRM

Rim resistance: pinned join and H2 reinforced drilling

Straight pull spokes, stronger than J-bent

Pair without tyre: 1880 grams

Front without tyre: 865 grams

Rear without tyre: 1015 grams




KSYRIUM €425 (Rear €235 Front €190)   KSYRIUM

Strong SUP welded rim, smooth braking

Reinforced rim drilling: H2

High quality cartridge bearings: QRM

Pair without tyre: 1690 grams

Front without tyre: 770 grams

Rear without tyre: 920 grams






KSYRIUM ELITE €639 (Rear €349 Front €290)  KSYRIUM ELITE RED

17 mm internal rim width for increased air volume

ISM 4D superlight rim

Double butted steel spokes

Fore drilling makes for a secured spoke / rim interface

Sealed cartridge bearings

Stealth black on black

Black with red hubs and nipples

Black with blue hubs and nipples

Pair without tyre: 1550 grams

Front without tyre: 680 grams

Rear without tyre: 870 grams

COSMIC ELITE €450 (Rear €250 Front €200)   COSMIC ELITE

30 mm deep aero rim profile

Ultra bladed straight pull spokes

Aerodynamic hubs

Rim resistance: SUP welding

Reinforced lower bridge

High quality cartridge bearings (interchangeable): QRM

Pair without tyre: 1770 grams

Front without tyre: 815 grams

Rear without tyre: 955 grams



COSMIC PRO CARBON €1100 (Rear €605 Front €495)        COSMIC PRO CARBON BLACK

Material: Maxtal and 12K carbon fiber

Height: 52 mm

Joint: SUP

Drilling: traditional

Brake track: UB Control

Weight reduction: ISM

Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm

Tyre: clincher

ETRTO size: 622x13C

Recommended tyre sizes: 21 to 28 mm

Front and rear bodies: aluminum

Axle material: aluminum

Adjustable sealed cartridge bearings

Freewheel: FTS-L steel

Pair without tyre: 1695 grams


52 mm rim profile

ISM inside to reduce weight and inertia

Extralight bladed spokes and aero hubs

Exalith 2 aluminum rim and brake track

12K carbon flanges

Pair without tyre: 1620 grams

Front without tyre: 730 grams

Rear without tyre: 890 grams