Bikeology’s custom built workshop is now open!!

  • All repairs completed by our professional mechanic
  • Talk to staff before you drop your bike off in order to recieve a personalised service, tell us exactly what you want us to do to your bike
  • Avail of the knowledge and experience built up over the last 10 years with our mechanic.
  • We aim to have your bike back to you within 24 hours.
  • Help us help you, drop your bike in weekday mornings or when the weather is poor for the fastest turnaround!!!!

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With a wide range of parts and a complete tool kit, we can get your bike back on the road with the minimum amount of fuss.







Service Plan A : €40
Fit minor parts ( Cables and Pads etc )
Adjust Gears
Adjust Brakes
Degrease and lube Drivetrain
Safety Check
Bolt Check
Lube and Adjust Moving Parts
Tension Bearings
True Wheels
Pump Tyres







Service Plan B : €80
Service Plan A Plus
Grease Hubs
Grease Headset
Grease Bottom Bracket
Fit Any Major Parts
Full Bike Cleaning







Service Plan C: €160 “The Big Daddy”
A FULL strip down of your bike and all it components, clean and rebuild the full works
New Shimano Cable Set worth €45
New Bar-Tape worth €10
Touch up paint work
Cleaned and polished
We do everything we can to return your bike to showroom condition
6 Week service afterwards included.

Service Price List:


Fit new cables and adjust gears €10 + Parts (inner and outer cables)
Adjust Gears €10
Replace Shifter/Derailleur €15 + Parts
Straighten Mech Hanger and realign gears €15
Replace Chain and or Cassette €10 + Parts
Replace Cartridge or Press-fit bottom bracket €15 + Parts
Replace Cup and Cone type bottom bracket €25 + Parts

Parts Replacement:

Fit new bar tape €10
Fit new handlebars Road €40 + Parts
Fit new handlebars Hybrid/Mtb €20 + Parts
Fit new wheels Single €10 Pair €20 + Parts
Strip Bike €20
Build Bike €100

Repairs Wheels:

True wheel €10
Spoke Replacement €15 + Parts
Puncture (New tube fitted and pumped) €10
Re-Grease Bearings, cup and cone type €15 + Parts
Replace Hub cartridge type bearings €12.50 per bearing 2 Front, 4 Rear
Fit Tyre €5
Replace Free-hub bearings €25 , 2 bearings



Fit Pads €5
Fit Cable €5 + Parts (inner and outer)
Rebuild Road bike caliper €20
Brake Bleed €20
Mechanical Brake Adjustment €10

Wheel Bearings and Hub Rebuild:

Bicycle Repair , Bike Repair, Bike Shop Kildare, Bike Shop Naas

Bicycle Repair , Bike Repair, Bike Shop Kildare, Bike Shop Naas

Bicycle Repair , Bike Repair, Bike Shop Kildare, Bike Shop Naas



Invisi-Frame Kits Supplied @ €100-120

Fitting Of The Kits @ €120